With Auto Lip-Sync you can create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording.


Automatic Animation Fully automatic movement of the mouth - no need for keyframes

Step by Step Wizard The step by step wizard guides you though the process.

Mouth Interior Animation Optional animation of teeth and tongue - fully automatic and easy to adjust.

Fine Tuning Easy and quick fine-tuning on top of the automatic animation: Control with convenient slider controls how wide the mouth opens and how it deforms, adjust the shape of the opened or closed mouth and set markers at points where you feel the mouth should have more of an O-shape.

Talking tree with Auto Lip-Sync


"Froggy Girl" by Eric D. Kirk, winner of the Auto Lip-Sync contest

"A Story of Hope" by Funky Medics. Auto Lip-Sync can also create a sketchy, cartoon like mouth animation. And its a good team player with other AE plugins - in this case with FreeForm Pro.

"Robin, the talking Chipmunk"

300 Mashed Potatoes

300 Mashed Potatoes, re-enactment of a scene from 300.


Speechless by Senzagiridiparole (won second prize in Auto Lip-Sync contest).

A Bagels Life

A Bagels Life by Aaron Waller (won third prize in Auto Lip-Sync contest).

User Interface: 


Can you please make a tutorial how to create a similar Project like "A Bagels Life by Aaron Waller" with moving eyes?

Hi James,

thank you for this suggestion. I will put it on my list for tutorial ideas.

For blinking eyes, you can check out the tutorial for the change at marker 2D iExpression:






I'm getting a message saying I can update my 1.01 version of Auto-Lip-Sync to 1.03 by going to the website. However, I can't seem to find how? Will I have to buy the update or is it free for registered users?

Best regards,
Bas van den Biggelaar

Found it ;-)

Hi Bas, its a free update. To install it, you can simply download and install the trial from here:


Your existing license will automatically be determined such that it turns into the full version.



Hi I downloaded the auto-lip-sync to try. I have a stop frame animation with a moving mouth and a soundtrack to go with it. Just now the mouth opens and closes but not in sync. How do I work out the timing if the mouth already moves?

Thanks Jo

The three masks re not getting creating in the animation layer. V1.03. I got the masks once, but I have tried a very simple mouth rig with very little warps several times and they won't show under the layer.

What am missing?

Hi Gregg, sorry for the late reply. The masks should be created. If it does not work, create a support ticket here and give me as many details as possible. Best upload some screenshots of what you are doing - the better I understand your project, the quicker I will be able to help. http://aescripts.com/contact/ Cheers, Mathias

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