The easy mocha & NUKE workflow

Simplifies the workflow between mocha and NUKE. Easy import of trackingdata into Tracker, Transform, RotoPaint, GridWarp and more.


  • easy import of mocha tracking data into various NUKE node types (Tracker, Roto, RotoPaint, GridWarp, SplineWarp, Transform)
  • new CornerPin node with build-in support for mocha lens data
  • the popular stabilized precomp workflow from MochaImport+ for After Effects is also available in MochaImport+ for NUKE
  • one click support for mocha camera solver
  • more than position/scale/rotation: MochaImport+ also brings shear and perspective data from mocha tracks into NUKE
  • NUKE scripts still work on machines where MochaImport+ is not installed. The tool is only required if you want to load or replace the tracking data.


MochaImport+ for NUKE requires mocha Pro (any version that is able to export NUKE corner pin data) and NUKE 7 or NUKE 8.

Other voices

Some may say, “Well, I can do that in Nuke already with tools already available, why buy another tool?” The answer is: to make it a simpler workflow. Yes, you can act all smart and build node trees to do much of this. But outside of feeling smart, where does that put you? It puts you behind the compositor who used the Mochaimport+ tool to streamline the process. Instead of spending time building a node tree, that artist is already doing the art.
At $123, I’d say the investment is worth exponentially more than the time investment in building the Nuke nodes every time you need them. Animation Magazine in their November 2014 Tech Reviews
MochaImport+ for NUKE is a great collaboration tool; making it super easy to have a seamless workflow between Mocha and Nuke. Whether you are bringing into Nuke your planar tracking, stabilized, shape data, or lens distortion maps and adjusting with MochaImport+ for NUKE, can be summarized in 3 words: easy, artist friendly, and pretty rad!Mariana Acuña, Creative Specialist at The Foundry
With MochaImport+, speed and simplicity are grand, no more need to spend time translating tracking info into different nodes. A change in the tracking in mocha Pro, it only takes seconds to update in NUKE. All the time spend getting the best track in mocha Pro is translated EXACTLY to NUKE with MochaImport+.Christopher Riemann, VFX Compositor at Box
We're always looking to improve our workflow. MochaImport+ for NUKE will save you time. Andy Needham, freelance motion designer, editor and compositor

User Interface: 


Looks awesome!

How do we purchase this?

Hi Miguel,
the NUKE version of MochaImport+ can be purchased here:

please help me how to intall it, i would like to buy it, but i can not intall it on win 7

Hi Steven,

thank you for your interest in MochaImport+ for NUKE.

The installation might not seem straight forward. This is because NUKE is very flexible and there are many different ways how to install a script.

Here is the best way to install it for a single user on Windows:

First, unzip your download package.
it should contain 3 things:
HOW_TO_INSTALL.txt (file) (file)
mamoworld (folder)

1) in Windows Explorer go to the folder
(where YOUR_USERNAME is the name of your Windows user)
2) copy the folder "mamoworld" there, such that you have a folder
3a) if there does not exist a file, yet in
copy the file from the download package (the one in the main folder, not the one inside the mamoworld folder) there such that you have a file
3b) in the unlikely case that your folder C:\users\YOUR_USERNAME\.nuke\ already has a file, open it with a text editor and add the following line to it at the end:

Now, if you start NUKE the next time, MochaImport+ should be installed.
Let me know if you have further questions.


Having issues installing it on my Mac OSX 10.9.5.
The instructions that came with it saying to put the mamoworld folder and the file haven't worked It just does not show up in Nuke at all and the instructions given in the email when I bought it from Imagineer Systems - to change what it says in the file stops me from opening Nuke at all as it says it doesn't understand the plugin or something along those lines.

Can you help?


Hi Laura, could you please send me an email with a screenshot of the error message to The more details I have, the quicker I will be able to help. Cheers, Mathias
PS: I just recorded a video tutorial that explains how to install MochaImport+ for NUKE on Mac OS:
Thanks for sharing!

I want to you a trail of mochalmport to fimirive myself with you use of the plug in for learning reasons.

Hi Gabrielle,

a trial version of MochaImport+ for NUKE is available here (green try button on the right):

We have trial versions for all our products available at the aescripts product pages.

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