guru lessons

The guru lessons are a comprehensive beginner course about After Effects. Step by step this free video tutorial series teaches you all the basics you need to get started.

The guru lessons make learning the basics fun. Already in the first tutorials you create amazing effects. If you have little or no experience in After Effects, this is the place to get started.

Guru Lesson 1 - Getting Started with After Effects

Do your first steps in AE. Learn how to import footage, create a composition and work with layers. Then we use blending modes to create a cool fire effect and export the final video.
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Guru Lesson 2 - Effects and Keyframes

In this guru lesson you learn how to apply effects to layers. We create an amazing lightning effect and you learn how to animate properties with keyframes.
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Guru Lesson 3 - Masks and Adjustment Layers

In this guru lesson you learn how to use masks and adjustment layers. We give the guru a dark face and add a vignette to the clip to make it look more interesting. We also cover the per point mask feather available in After Effects CS6 and newer versions.
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Guru Lesson 4 - Color Correction and the Curves Effect

In this guru lesson you learn how to use the curves effect. This single effect can be used to adjust brightness and contrast and even do color correction.
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Guru Lesson 5 - Bluescreen Keying and nested Compositions

In this lesson you learn how to do a blue-screen or green-screen key. You also learn how to work with different compositions and nesting composition as precomps into other compositions.
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