With this iExpression you can make a 1D property react on a beat which you created using one of the beat detector iExpressions. When there is no beat the property has its normal value given by the keyframes as if no iExpression would be applied. When there is a beat, the value changes to what you specify in "Value on Beat" (or the "Value on Beat" is added to the current value, if "Mode" is set to "add to original value").

  • Link to Beat

    Don't put a number here. Use the link button to link this to a property to which you applied a beat detection iExpression.

  • Value on Beat

    the value that the property should have during the beats (or which should be added to the regular value during the beats).

  • Mode

    determines whether the "Value on Beat" denotes an absolute or relative change. For "add to original value", on each beat the current value is modified by adding "Value on Beat" to it. For "replace original value" on each beat the current value is simply replaced by "Value on Beat".

Change on Beat 1D iExpression

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1D properties
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What are iExpressions?

iExpressions are After Effects expressions with an easy to use interface.