With this iExpression you can distribute 3D layers on a 3D grid. Just specify the first layer and all other layers that you apply the iExpression to, will be placed next to this layer in the given distance. You can still move layers away from their grid position using their keyframe values or the wiggle parameters.

  • First Layer
    First Layer (Name or Index)

    is the name or index of the first layer. This layer is the upper, left, topmost corner of the grid and its position determines the position of the grid.


    is the position of the first layer in the grid.

  • Distance

    is the distance between neighbouring layers in the grid.

  • Grid Size

    denotes how many layers should be placed in one row, one column, and behind each other.

  • Use Keyframe Value as Offset

    allows to move each layer away from its position in the grid using keyframes. In order to be exactly placed at its position in the grid, a layer then must have exactly the same keyframed position as the first layer of the grid. If the position is different, the difference is used as an offset to the grid position.

  • Wiggle

    makes the layer wiggle around its position in the grid with the given frequency. If you don't want it to move at all, set the frequency to 0.


    denotes up to how much the layer may move away from its grid position. To create a little less regular but still not moving grid, set the frequency to 0 and the amplitude to some value greater 0.

  • Layer Offset

    allows to delete the first rows of the grid (in x, y, or z direction)and insert them again behind the last rows.

Distribute 3D Grid iExpression

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3D properties
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Download at aescripts.com

What are iExpressions?

iExpressions are After Effects expressions with an easy to use interface.


Is this plugin still up-to-date? The plugin stops working when I link a Offset layer, or gives me an "Please enter at 'First Layer' an existing layer" error whenever I apply the plugin EVEN THOUGH the name matches the name of my first layer.

Hi Hezekiah,
the "Please enter at 'First Layer' an existing layer" error usually means that you have added some whitespace symbols at the beginning or end of your layer name or the name of the layer in the iExpressions parameter. Therefore, the two are not identical (like layer name "my layer " and in the expression you have "my layer", for example).
What do you mean with it stops working when you link an offset layer? Do you get an error message?


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