The looping wiggle allows wiggeling in cyclic animations (loops) and takes care that it wiggles such that the transition between the end and the beginning of the loop is seamless.

  • Frequency

    number of wiggles per second (i.e. how fast it wiggles)

  • Amplitude

    maximal size of the wiggle (i.e. how much it wiggles)

  • Loop Duration
    Loop Duration

    determines whether the loop duration should be taken automatically from the duration of the layer or be set manually via 'Custom Duration'.

    Custom Duration

    The duration of the loop in frames (if the option 'Custom Duration ' has been chosen for 'Loop Duration').

  • Advanced

    number of octaves of noise to add together. The more octaves the more detail is in the wiggle.

    Amplitude Multiply

    controls how fast the harmonics drop off

Looping Wiggle iExpression

by default applied to: 
can be applied to: 
1D properties
2D properties
3D properties
iExpression Bundle: 
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What are iExpressions?

iExpressions are After Effects expressions with an easy to use interface.

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Awesome expression. Very handy

Thank you :-)

Hi! how to keep proportions when I add loop wiggle in scale feature? Thanks

Hi Josh,
the looping wiggle has no option to keep proportions, but you can do the following:
1) create a slider control (effects->expression controls->slider control) on the layer.
2) apply the looping wiggle to the slider (and set its value to the scale value you want to have or keyframe it to animate scale on top of the wiggle)
3) link the scale of the layer to the slider with the Simple Link 2D expression

Now both the X and Y of the scale read their value from the slider and hence they are always the same.


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