This iExpression makes the source text of a text layer scroll through the screen from left to right (or right to left). If the text consists of more than one row, each row is interpreted as a separate news and between the news a customizable separator text can be inserted.

  • Separator

    is a string that is inserted between the different lines of the original text (i.e. the different news messages).

  • Speed

    determines how fast the text moves. A value of 10 means every minute 10 new letters become visible. For negative values the text moves from left to right otherwise it moves from right to left.

  • Length

    How long the visible text should be (number of characters). To make the entire text visible, you can also set the length to 0.

  • Offset

    allows to start the news ticker not with the beginning of the first news message but at any position in the text.

News Ticker iExpression

by default applied to: 
source text
can be applied to: 
iExpression Bundle: 
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What are iExpressions?

iExpressions are After Effects expressions with an easy to use interface.

Tutorials about this iExpression: 


My news ticker result has different speeds. It does not keep the same speed. It looks like a continuous frame drop. I am trying to get it smooth.
The FPS is 60. The speed I use is 650 characters per minute.

What could be the problem?

To get a clear picture of the problem, here is a video:

(P.S: I didn't know where else to put my problem..)

Hi Matthijs,
the newsticker speed is measured in characters per minute. This will give you only a constant speed, if each character has the same width.
Hence, you need to use a monospaced font to animate the newsticker with constant speed.

Since expressions on source texts have no access to the position of the text or the size of characters, this is the only way such an expression can work.
If you need to stay with the current font, you can only animate the newsticker manually (by keyframing its position and adding a matte to clip the start and end).


Thanks for making it clear. Never knew that monospaced is required. However.. I need to use this specific font. But I don't know exactly how to animate is manually(I do know how to use keyframes). Could you please describe your last solution in more detail? And how would I accomplish the same speed (650) with animating the ticker manually?

The manual approach is as follows:

  1. create a newsticker text that is very long, i.e. repeat the entire text several times such that it is much wider than the composition
  2. animate the position of the text layer with two keyframes such that it moves with contant speed left to right such that at the first keyframe the beginning of the text and at the last keyframe the end of the text is visible.
  3. if you want the text to only cover a part of the composition, create a solid layer with the width you want to have, place it on top of your text layer and set the TrackMatte of the text layer to Alpha matte. By this, the text is clipped to the region covered by the solid.

I got my ticker working now! Nice and smooth :)

1 question though.. Is it possible to use multiple colours? And using a different colour for the separator?
If not, is there another solution for that to approach this?

Expressions and scripting cannot change color of individual letters unfortunately. If you need different colors for individual letters, you can only do it manually, unfortunately.

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