With this iExpression you can rotate a layer such that it oscilates like a pendulum. The point around which the pendulum rotates is the anchor point of the layer. On 2D layers the iExpression can be applied to the rotation, on 3D layers it can be applied to the x rotation, y rotation or z rotation.

  • Start Angle

    determines, in which angle (in degrees) the pendulum starts.

  • Speed

    is the speed with which the pendulum starts oscillating.

  • Decay

    determines how fast the movement decays.

  • Simulation Start
    Start at

    controls at which point in time the simulation starte (at the inpoint of the layer, an a manually chosen keyframe or at a manually chosen frame)

    (Key) Frame No.

    is the frame or the keyframe (depending on the choice of "Start at" option) at which the pendulum simulation starts. When "Start at" has the value 'inpoint of layer' this option is ignored.

Pendulum iExpression

by default applied to: 
can be applied to: 
1D properties
iExpression Bundle: 
Download at aescripts.com

What are iExpressions?

iExpressions are After Effects expressions with an easy to use interface.


My recently purchased physics expression bundle is not working fully - says Demo mode. Can you help?

Hi Eric,
you need to enter your license code as follows:

  1. go to iExpressions settings (cog wheel icon in the iExpressions tool)
  2. click on the licenses button
  3. in the dialog that opens, choose the physics bundle from the drop down list and click the button to enter a license code
  4. now a dialog box opens, where you can enter the license code. If it is not visible, check whether it opens on another monitor (in case you have more than one) or is hiding behind the other window.

In case you purchase other bundles later, there is no need to reinstall the tool. Just enter the additional license codes in the same way to enable the bundles.


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