Random Text Block Shifting

This iExpression replaces the source text of a text layer by a randomly generated text block of a given number of rows and columns. In contrast to the 'Random Text Block Simple' iExpression, this iExpression allows to scroll though the text from left to right, up, down or in any other direction.

  • Size

    How many letters the text block should be wide and high.

  • Speed

    How many letters the string should run every frame (in x and y direction). For negative numbers the text runs in the other direction.

  • Loop

    makes the text cycle in a loop, i.e. whenever a letter disappears at one border, the exact same letter occurs at the other side. This makes the computation faster and makes it possible to generate endless loops (e.g. after moving a text with 20 columns 20 times one letter to the left you are back at your original text)

  • Alphabet

    which symbols to use in the text (binary e.g. 100101010, numbers e.g. 9873548923, hex e.g. 19af21, HEX z.B. 19AF21, letters e.g. asfgdsdfg, LeTTers e.g. AlfDfaSA; LETTERS e.g. AGUAFZTCTAS)

    Custom Alphabet

    Those characters are used, when the alphabet 'Custom' is choosen. If letters occur more than once in the alphabet, they are used more frequently, e.g. for 'aaabc' the letter 'a' occurs 3 times as often in the random text as 'b' or 'c'.

    Use Spaces

    With this option the generated text also contains empty spaces.

  • Randomness
    Random Seed

    Change this number arbitrarily to get another random text. For each number a different random text is generated.

    Change for each Layer

    With this option you get a different random text for each layer, if you apply the iExpression to several layers simultaneously

Random Text Block Shifting iExpression

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source text
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