This iExpression can be used to simulate the output of a computer terminal. The text is faded it character by character and scrolls such that only a given number of lines is visible. Also, a (optional) blinking cursor symbol is attached.

  • Link to Completion

    How far the text is already scrolled (0 to 100%). Link it to a slider to keyframe it.

  • Visible Lines

    How many lines of text are visible simultaneously.

  • Cursor
    Cursor Symbol

    The caret symbol that is blinking at the end of the text. Empty for no caret.

    Blink Duration

    controls, how fast the cursor is blinking. 12 means it stays 12 frames visible and then 12 frames invisible.

Scroll Text Terminal iExpression

by default applied to: 
source text
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What are iExpressions?

iExpressions are After Effects expressions with an easy to use interface.