This iExpression is a variant of the "Snap to Grid"-iExpression that is intended especially for 2D properties and allows to control the grid size in x and y direction separately. Applied to the position of a 2D layer, it turns a smooth, keyframed motion into a motion that jumps from point to point on an imaginary grid.

  • Grid Size

    is the distance of the points in the grid (i.e. the width and height of each cell in the grid).

  • Grid Offset

    moves the grid point by the specified amount (in x and y direction, respectively).

  • Smoothness (%)

    determines how smooth the movement transitions from one grid point to the next one.

  • Dimensions
    Snap X

    allows to turn the effect on and off in x direction.

    Snap Y

    allows to turn the effect on and off in y direction.

Snap to Grid 2D iExpression

by default applied to: 
can be applied to: 
2D properties
3D properties
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