With this iExpression you can literally throw a layer such that it flies through the air and realistically bounces off the ground. Using this iExpression is very easy: Just keyframe the movement of the layer and after the last keyframe the simultation starts automatically. Hence, the throw direction and speed depends on the movement at the last keyframe. To get the desired movement you only need to adjust the height of the ground from which the layer bounces. You can also adjust the elasticity with which the layer bounces of the ground and the gravity with which the layer is attrackted by the ground. This iExpression works with 3D layers. For 2D layers, there is also a 'Throw 2D' iExpression.

  • Ground Height

    determines the height of the ground level at which the object bounces. This value should not be animated.

  • Elastic Bounce (%)

    how elastic the object bounces from the ground. 100% means that the object behaves like a bouncing ball, 0% means that it does not bounce at all.

  • Physics

    determines how fast the thrown object falls down i.e how strongly it is attracted by gravity.

    Gravity Direction

    determines in which direction the gravity goes. When gravity goes, for example, in Z direction the object falls in Z direction (and the ground value also denotes a Z value).

    Air Resistance

    determines how much the object slows down (in horizontal direction) while it is in the air.

    Friction on Ground

    determines how much the object slows down (in horizontal direction) while it is sliding on the ground.

  • Simulation Start
    Start at

    controls at which point in time the simulation starte (at the last keyframe, an a manually chosen keyframe or at a manually chosen frame)

    (Key) Frame No.

    is the frame or the keyframe (depending on the choice of "Start at" option) at which the throw simulation starts. When "Start at" has the value 'last keyframe' this option is ignored.

Throw 3D iExpression

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3D properties
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