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25% off everything - but what to buy?

On May 1-5, 2017 aescripts + aeplugins has the biggest sale of the year with 25% off everything!

coupon code

This is great, but which of the hundreds of products that aescripts has in stock are the ones you really need? Here are my personal recommendations including both products from mamoworld and other authors.



If you like Ease & Wizz, you will love Flow. It is as easy as applying easy ease keyframes but with an unlimited number of variations. If you do motion graphics projects on a regular basis, you need it, period.



Jayse Hansen ( known for his design work on feature films such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay I and II, and Disney’s Big Hero 6) said he wished grids in Illustrator would work like GridGuide. And Sander van Dijk was so impressed when we’ve shown him an early beta that he actually developed a full redesign of the original UI for us.

Like Flow, GridGuide is one of the motion graphics tools that make your life so much easier. One key aspect of good design is the use of grids to make sure your layout looks good and everything is placed properly. With GridGuide you can create grids and align objects in no time. If this still sounds to complicated for you, you will love the one click automatic layout functionality that is also included in GridGuide.

Ray Dynamic Texture

Ray Dynamic Texture

Ray Dynamic Texture is the most recent development by Sander van Dijk. He is not just a well known motion designer and co-founder of the Blend Festival, but although puts a lot of thoughts in how to improve After Effects. The result are tools like Ray Dynamic Texture, Ray Dynamic Color, or Ouroboros that are a must for every motion designer.

mocha Pro 5 Adobe Plugin

mocha Pro Adobe plugin

Since mocha is bundled for free with After Effects, why should you buy the mocha Pro 5 plugin? Well, compared to the bundled version it does not only include additional modules for object removal and lens distortion and a 3D camera solver, it also tracks much faster! And most importantly, it runs as a plugin directly in Ae, which means that it automatically supports all video file formats supported by Ae. Of course our Tracking Bundle and MochaImport+ are compatible with both the bundled mocha version and mocha Pro.

iExpressions V2

iExpressions V2

iExpressions V2 is still an insider tip and just recently was listed as one of the TOP 10 lesser known amazing plug-ins and scripts for After Efects.

iExpressions is a collection of more than 125 expressions and each of them comes with its own intuitive user interface such that you don’t need to read or write any code. The expressions cover a variety of topics like simple wiggles, random text generation, animating things to music or real time physics simulations. See here for the full list of expressions.

Good news for DuiK users: The automatic, procedural walk-cycles now also support characters rigged with Duik.



There are the shiny tools that create impressive effects with a huge wow effect and then there are the technical tools that don’t impress your client but simply make your life a lot easier. Expressionist is one of those. If you write your own expressions, you know that using Ae’s built-in expressions editor is as convenient as chatting with your friends using Morse code. Expressionist allows you to write your expressions using a state of the art code editor - welcome in 2017!



If you are planning to work on Virtual Reality 360º projects, the first great news for you is that the 360VR Toolbox (which used to sell for over $1000) is now available for free. If you need more, check out the various VR products by Mettle and Imagineer Systems.

These are my favorites. What's on your shopping list? Leave a comment!

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