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Adobe Reveals New Features of Next Version of After Effects

Today Adobe revealed some features that are going to be included in the next version of After Effects and the other of their video applications. Fortunately, Adobe provided the mamoworld team this upcoming version of After Effects which they are also going to demo at NAB show. We where very busy the last days recording some sneak peek tutorials giving you an in depth look at the most important new features!

After Effects Next Refine Edge Tool

New Features in Adobe After Effects Next

One of my favorites is definitely the new Refine Edge Tool that is a great new addition to the Roto Brush. Whereas the Roto Brush from CS6 can only create hard matte lines, the Refine Edge Tool of the next version of After Effects will allow you to create smooth transitions with semi-transparent regions to do tedious things like rotoscoping hair very fast and with high quality. As if this wasn't enough, the Refine Edges Tool does not only work in combination with the Roto Brush, but can also be combined with any other rotoscoping or keying technique.

After Effects Next Refine Edge Tool

Another highlight is the new Live 3D Pipeline with Cinema 4D. Similar to the dynamic link between Premiere and AE this allows to open Cinema 4D scenes in After Effects without the need to render first. Just drag the Cinema 4D file into your composition and the CINEWARE effect renders you scene as a layer in After Effects. Even individual C4D layers and render passes are directly accessible in After Effects.

You don't have Cinema 4D? No problem - a version called Cinema 4D Lite will be bundled with the next version of After Effects!

There are other amazing new features like improvements of the Warp Stabilizer and the Camera Tracker, but since videos say more than words just go ahead and watch our sneak peek tutorials about all these new features!


Sneak Peek Tutorial Series


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