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BeatEdit 2 for Premiere Pro released!

iExpressions 3 for After Effects out now!

New Features

  • New UI In the redesigned UI you can connect properties and layers now with a single click instead of entering their name. This way creating rigs like the Automatic Walk Cycle is now even faster. Also iExpressions UI now supports color controls.
  • Import your own expressions! iExpressions can import any expression, analyzes its code and creates a user interface for it. No matter whether you write your own code or import expressions you found online - iExpressions is the manager for all your expressions now!
  • The Shape Expressions create and modify shape paths in various ways. Create wave lines or trails, elastic shapes, unfold shapes or connect layers with curves.

    The less shiny bread and butter tools include an expression to Link to Point on Shape which - in contrast to Ae's built-in 'Create Nulls from Path' script' even works when the path is nested in transformed groups. Also arrowheads and symmetric shapes can now be creates in no time.

  • Color Expressions Connect colors easily and with advanced brightness and saturation controls using the new Color Link expression. You can also create complex color transitions.
  • All expressions have been updated to be fully compatible with the new JavaScript expressions engine.


If you purchased iExpressions 2 Full Bundle after May 1, 2019, you can upgrade for free, otherwise, the upgrade is $20. iExpressions 3 does not offer to purchase individual bundles anymore. But if you purchased some individual bundles for iExpressions 2 you also quality for some upgrade pricing that depends on what exactly you purchased. To upgrade and see your individual upgrade pricing simply go to the product page and login to the same account. If you need any assistance please open a support ticket.

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