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BeatEdit 2 for Premiere Pro released!

BeatEdit 2 for Premiere Pro out now!

New Features

Finally, you can select audio files directly in your Premiere Pro Sequence - no need to import them using a long-winded file import dialog.

The new beat info panel shows you the bpm of your song and the number of currently selected beats. When you create slideshows, this makes it very easy to select exactly as many beats as you have images.

The improved marker tools allow you to limit the creation and deletion of markers to the workarea and markers can now also be moved easily to fine-tune their placement.

BeatEdit 2 also contains several smaller improvements. V1 often ignored the very first beat of a song, for example and V2 predicts it very reliably now. Also, the performance was improved such that marker created, for example, is significantly faster now.

Please Upgrade to Stay Compatible with new Premiere Pro

This came as a surprise to us and we don't know exactly why, but the most recent version of Premiere Pro (13.1.5) kills and restarts the BeatEdit V1 extension each time you try to load a song. Fortunately, BeatEdit V2 does not have this issue. So please make sure to upgrade to stay compatible with the current Premiere Pro release.

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