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BeatEdit for Premiere Pro - Huge Hit at NAB

Today, Paul Murphy presented our BeatEdit for Premiere Pro in his session about documentary editing at NAB show. Here is what Paul said after the session:

Paul Murphy

You’ll be happy to hear that the demo of BeatEdit was a HUGE hit with the audience. It was definitely the highlight of my talk, and lots of people came up to ask me about it afterwards.

As an editor who frequently tailors music to suit my projects, BeatEdit is an invaluable tool that helps me speed up the process and ensure my music edits are precise.

Paul Murphy, Editor, Motion Graphics Designer

Interested? BeatEdit for Premiere Pro and the Editing Essentials Bundle are available at aescripts.com.

Get it now


I must say I really appreciate your excellent tools as well as the useful tutorials. I want to do a lot of animation synced to music and I am pretty decent in After Effects. I have been demoing iExpressions in After Effects and had some beat issues... (Found your video on "Beats are not Peaks! very helpful) and Just tried Beat Edit for Premiere Pro... and it of course does a bang up job finding and marking beats, but I'm wondering if there is a way for after Effects to use those markers.

Here is what I am doing: I have a little over 5 minutes of some pretty dark video and imagery and of course music. What I want is to have some different images flash over the screen synced with beats. I've tried to acomplish this with iExpressions using the bpm method of beat detection, and then using a 1D linear link to the opacity of my image to be flashed. The main problem is of course I just don't know where the beats are... So... trying Premiere Pro with Beat Edit, which works great... but wish there was a way to somehow convert PP markers into key frames in AE.
I'd be most grateful for any comments or suggestions you might have.




Here is what you can do
1) generate clip markers with BeatEdit
2) import audio file to AE. The clip markers will show up as layer markers in the AE comp if you put the audio file into a comp. note that this only works if you import the audio file into AE after you generated the clip markers in Pr
3) use the change at marker iExpressions from movement modifier bundle to let things happen at the markers. If some bright clips should flash at the beats, you can place them all in a precomp such that you have them all in a single layer. Set the opacity of the layer to 0 and apply the change at marker 1d iExpression to it to set the opacity to 100 at each beat marker. The expression has parameters to control duration & fading of those opacity animations at each beat.


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