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Fix rounded icon issues with After Effects 2017 Spring Update (2017.2)

The Issue

With the just released After Effects version 2017.2 (a.k.a. 2017 Spring Update) the one thing you don't find among the list of shiny new features is that the UI of many extensions looks pretty ugly now. Not only the buttons are round, also all icons have a round background.


use legacy UI To get back the old, familiar look, just enable the Use Legacy UI option in the panel menu for the respective panel:

Update: If you have many scripts installed, you can switch all of them to Legacy UI by running this Ae script kindly provided by Zack Lovatt and renderTom (a.k.a the developers of the amazing script Flow). Note that the script has no user interface. Just download and run it via the Ae menu File > Scripts > Run Script File.

Clean Solution

Of course, what I describe above is just a workaround. A clean solution can only be done by Adobe and they will only do it if they know you need it. So please submit a feature request to the After Effects team here. They really care about what you need. And the more people tell them that the script UI icon buttons needs to be fixed, the quicker they will do something about the issue.

Update: Adobe listened to our feedback and fixed the issue in the June 2017 Update of After Effects. So just update After Effects to get back the buttons with rectangular appearance, no need to enable legacy UI anymore.

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