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iExpressions 3.2.003 released!

We just released iExpressions 3.2.003. The free update includes a great Auto-Resizing Background Shape iExpression and and improved version of the Mirror Shape iExpression which gives you better control over the mirror direction. The update also includes various bug fixes - in particular for the Spring iExpressions.

Auto Resizing Background Shapes

Mirror iExpression

Automatic Creation of Sliders

Many iExpressions have "connect" buttons that allow to connect a parameter of the iExpression to other properties in your After Effects project. With this update, whenever you click on a connect button, but have only a layer and no property selected, iExpressions asks if it should create a slider for you. This makes connecting to slider controls much more convenient, since you don't need to worry about creating the sliders yourself anymore.

Bug Fixes

The Spring iExpressions had some issues when the layer didn't start at the beginning of the comp. This problem is fixed in this update. Also, on a few systems there where issues with saving expressions to your custom expressions library. That is fixed now, too.

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