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mamoworld at NAB 2014

image by Pattymooney, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

This year is going to be a busy NAB. Mathias is going to do presentations at three (!) different booths. If you want to meet him, here are the details.

The Foundry : overview of MochaImport+ for NUKE

For The Foundry we do a joint presentation with Lars Wemmje from SLGH. We are telling you how SLGH stepped up to NUKE and why our new tool MochaImport+ for NUKE was crucial for this decision.

On Tuesday, our presentation at 10:40am PT will also be in The Foundry's NAB live stream. If you cannot come to NAB, make sure to register and see the presentation live online.

booth SL 6329 in Lower South Hall

  • Monday, 07 Apr 2014, 11:00am and 3:50pm
  • Tuesday, 08 Apr 2014, 10:40am and 3:20pm
  • Wednesday, 09 Apr 2014, 2:30pm
  • Thursday, 10 Apr 2014, 9:40am and 1:00pm

Imagineer Systems: in depth MochaImport+

At the booth of Imagineer Systems we are giving in depth presentation focusing on MochaImport+ for both After Effects and NUKE.

booth SL331, Plugin Pavilion, Lower South Hall

  • Monday, 07 Apr 2014, 1pm and 4:30pm
  • Tuesday, 08 Apr 2014, 9am and 1pm
  • Wednesday, 09 Apr 2014, 10:00am, 1pm and 4pm
  • Thursday, 10 Apr 2014, 10:15am

aescripts & aeplugins: less is more with iExpressions

Directly next to the booth of Imagineer Systems there is the booth of aescripts + aeplugins. Here, Mathias will mostly talk about iExpressions and why in motion graphics less is often more.

booth SL331, Plugin Pavilion, Lower South Hall

  • Monday, 07 Apr 2014, 2pm
  • Plugin Pavilion Party

    On Tuesday, 17:30, there is a party with free beer at the Plugin pavilion. See you there!

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