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MochaImport+ 5.1 free update with great new features

New Features

We just released MochaImport+ 5.1 which is a free update for all MochaImport+ V5.0 users and adds some great new features:

  • added keyframe button to simplify fixing inaccurate tracks
  • new "keep current frame" option for all corner pin effects

The update also comes with some little workflow improvements:

  • MochaImport+ remembers the last corner pin you used for the Corner Pin and Stabilized Precomp function. Hence, if you always use the same corner pin effect, this saves you a few clicks.
  • stabilized precomps now support the Translate and Scale parameters of Red Giant Warp's Reposition section to fine-tune the precomp region
  • When creating stabilized precomps, MochaImport+ warns you when your comp does not have a unique name (to avoid breaking some expressions)

New Tutorials

In the following tutorials you learn more about the main new features of MochaImport+ 5.1.

Fixing Inaccurate Tracks with MochaImport+ v5.1

In this After Effects tutorial you learn how to improve a mocha track that is not accurate.

Watch tutorial

Clean Plate Workflow with MochaImport+ "Keep Current Frame" Option

In this tutorial Lars presents a quick and easy clean plate workflow to retouch or remove elements in your shot.

Watch tutorial

How to update

If you have a license of MochaImport+ V5 you find the update in the section "My Downloads & Licenses" of your aescripts customer account. A trial version is available at http://aescripts.com/mochaimport/.

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