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MochaImport+ V5 available now!

We are proud to announce that MochaImport+ for After Effects version 5 is available now - with some new killer features on board.


New Features in Detail

  • clipboard support

    Finally: no files needed anymore - just copy and paste your mocha tracking data.

  • expression-driven tracking data

    Usually, tracking data is almost impossible to adjust, since it has a keyframe on every frame. But MochaImport+ can represent the tracking data as expressions and if you move a corner point in one frame, the expression automatically adjusts the position on all other frames accordingly. You can even add your own keyframes on top of the tracking data and the expression will tween between them.

    One corner of your corner pin drifts two pixels to the side? Just set one keyframe at the start and the end of the drift. Tweaking your tracks has never been so easy.

  • move masks & properties with a corner pin track

    Move your After Effects masks and 2D point properties with a mocha track. Since this function is based on corner pin data, it does not only consider position, scale and rotation, but also shear and perspective movement to achieve maximum accuracy.

    Your screen insert should cast some light on the surrounding background? Just add some color correction with masks around the respective areas and move them with the track. Want a lens flare to move with your track? No problem! And with expression-driven tracking data, you can still move your flare on top of the track easily.

  • support of mocha V4 project format

    No warnings anymore about old project formats that need to be converted.

  • Bezier Warp for corner pins on curved surfaces

    The Bezier Warp is a corner pin effect with bezier handles on all corners. This allows you create corner pins on curved surfaces, as you can see in our balloon tutorial.

  • support of Card Dance effect and all major 3rd party plugins

    The corner pin function now supports the following effects

    • Corner Pin
    • CC Power Pin
    • Bezier Warp
    • Card Dance
    • Red Giant Warp Corner Pin
    • BCC Corner Pin
    • RE:Map Planar
    • Sapphire Warp Corner Pin
  • faster and more robust export of masks from AE to mocha

    Sending masks from After Effects to mocha has been a slow process if your masks had hundreds of vertices and keyframes. In MochaImport+ V4 this process is significantly faster.

    Also, previous versions could not send masks to mocha, if the number of their vertices changed over time. MochaImport+ can convert these problematic masks now to masks with a constant number of vertices before sending them to mocha.

  • scripting API to use MochaImport+ in your own scripts

    All functionality of MochaImport+ is now also available in a well documented scripting API. This means you can reuse MochaImport+ functionality in your own scripts and automate your workflows even further.


Our new Mini Tutorials Series shows you how to use the different functions of MochaImport+. These tutorials are also directly accessible from the user interface. Just chose a function from the drop-down list and click the tutorial button.
The Advanced Screen Insert tutorial shows how to replace the content of a display including reflections and depth of field.
The Balloon tutorials shows how to use the Bezier Warp corner pin to place a logo on the curved surface of a balloon.

Upgrade Deals

MochaImport+ is available for $49.99, the upgrade from any previous version costs $14.99. If you purchased MochaImport+ in 2015, you get the upgrade for free. If you login with your aescripts customer account and put the product in your shopping cart, the correct upgrade price for you is automatically calculated.

  • MochaImport+ $49.99
  • MochaImport+ upgrade $14.99
  • MochaImport+ upgrade $0.00 if you also buy MaskTracker+ ($49.99)

If you enjoy working with MochaImport+, you should also have MaskTracker+ in your tool set. Therefore, we came up with another upgrade deal: If you buy the MochaImport+ Upgrade together with a license of MaskTracker+, you only pay for MaskTracker+ ($49.99) and get the MochaImport+ Upgrade for free.

If you neither own MochaImport+ nor MaskTracker+, also check out our Tracking Bundle.

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