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New Tool MaskTracker+

Since the release of AE CC, After Effects includes the Mask Tracker which is a powerful planar tracker with just one drawback: Except for moving masks, you cannot do anything with it. This changes with our new product MaskTracker+.

MaskTracker+ uses the After Effects Mask Tracker to move layers, do corner pins, stabilize shaky footage, create stabilized views and move masks based on the tracks of other masks. It is similar to MochaImport+, except that it is based on the mask tracker instead of mocha.

Should I use MaskTracker+ or MochaImport+?

Our experience is that working with MaskTracker+ is usually a bit quicker, since you can do all work inside After Effects and don't need to switch to a separate application. On the other hand, the mocha planar tracking technology gives often better results for challenging tracks that have motion blur, for example.

Our tip: Your best choice is the Tracking Bundle which contains both MaskTracker+ and MochaImport+. Then you can do most tracks quick and easy with MaskTracker+ but if the mask tracker gives bad results, you can switch to mocha instead of spending hours to fix your track.

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