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New Tool Text2Spreadsheet

Today we released our After Effects tool Text2Spreadsheet. It can export all texts of your After Effects project into a spreadsheet. Then you can edit the texts in the spreadsheets and apply all the changes to the AE project in a single click.

This is useful, for example, if you want to send the texts to your client for review or need to translate your projects into different languages. The spreadsheets generated by Text2Spreadsheet are so easy to read and modify that you can send them to your client or translator and you don't need to fear that they break something in your project by accidentally changing something in the spreadsheet. You can even continue to work on your project while someone else is working on the spreadsheet: No matter how you rename, move or change layers and compositions - Text2Spreadsheet always knows where each text belongs.

For more details watch the in-depth tutorial about Text2Spreadsheet or download the trial version at aescripts.com.

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