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Over 120 effect shots with MochaImport+ in newest Michael Biehn film

This week we got mail from Eric D. Kirk, the winner of our Auto Lip-Sync Contest. Currently he is working on the VFX of the newest Michael Biehn film Treachery. With MochaImport+ he was able to finish his work so fast that he had even time left to prepare this making of clip and write this kind letter to us.

Dr Mathias Möhl of Mamoworld,

It is with great pleasure that I thank Mathias and Andra Möhl of Mamoworld.com for providing such exceptional tools for use in After Effects. More specifically, the Mocha Import + tool which serves as a critical interface between After Effects and the Mocha Planar Tracker.

I recently finished a project that included over 120 effects shots for the grindhouse movie Treachery, a Jennifer Blanc Biehn production starring Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc, Sarah Butler, Richard Gunn, Matthew Ziff, and Caitlin Keats to name a few.

The project called for dozens of internal house shots in which windows that were shot during daylight needed to be changed to night as well as adding rain. Many of the shots were complex in that they included not only camera movement but obstructions in the scene such as people crossing the path of vision over the shot. In addition, some of the shots because of the sheer brightness of the background curtain required a complete curtain replacement.

Having already become very familiar with Mamoworlds’ Mocha Import+ (MI+) tool from other projects, I needed something I knew how to use, could count on, and something that would reduce the time and effort of this tremendous number of scenes. MI+ was just the perfect tool for the job. Every single shot involved using MI+ to send to Mocha for tracking. In over 120+ shots the Mask to Mocha, Corner Pin, and Move features served instrumental in my ability to accomplish these shots. The ease of moving between After Effects CS6 and Mocha and back to AE were absolutely crucial. Mocha Import + is unmatched when it comes to a seamless workflow that made this a streamlined and efficient endeavor.

This quite simply could not have been done in this time-frame without MochaImport+.

Eric D. Kirk

Kirk Productions
Perryville, MD USA

If you also want to know more about this project, on mettle.com you can learn more about how Eric used mettle ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro in the same project.

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