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Pins & Boxes 1.1 - With Advanced Anchor and Position Controls & Tutorials

We just released Pins & Boxes 1.1 which adds some exciting new features to this dynamic layout tools for After Effects:

  • Anchor Controls allow to place the anchor of a text layer relative to its own size. You can place it at the bottom, for example, and it will stay at the bottom, also if you add more lines to the text. Watch the tutorial below to see why this is very useful!
  • Position Controls allow you to move a layer relative to its own size. If texts should appear behind a matte, for example, you often want them to move exactly as far as the width of the layer itself. Or 100% of the layer height + 20 pixels. All of this can be done with the new position controls of Pins & Boxes - learn more in the tutorial below!
  • Universalized Expressions ensure that the layouts you create with Pins & Boxes also work on foreign language versions of After Effects.

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We will publish more tutorials about Pins & Boxes during in the next weeks!

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