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Roberto's Stereo Heart

We just got this email from a client and felt the strong need to share it with you:

Hello Mathias and Andra,

I wanted to email you and say "thank you" for your excellent Mocha tutorial!

When location scouting with the client during pre-production of Roberto's Stereo Heart, I really felt that something was lacking as far as the initial idea of the music video was concerned. The client's original idea in a nutshell was fairly simple: have the robot dance and "sing" around various places in town and throw in a few on-camera gags.

Since the face of the robot mask doesn't have much personality by itself, and the mouth on the mask certainly would not move during the verses of the song, I imagined how much cooler it would be if I could create a "real" mouth to appear on the face of the mask. This would add life to the robot character and also give me something on the robot costume that could be customized for the video.

My initial test with some test footage using AE's built-in point tracker were unreliable and disappointing, as tracking the corners of the mouth was very difficult to do with much success. Having never used Mocha at all, I was intimidated to not only learn a new program, but to also rely entirely on it for the success of the main driving visual effect in the video. I needed Mocha to work reliably, and with 26 "mouth shots" in the edit that required the effect, I needed my workflow to be as quick and predictable as possible.

Roberto's Stereo Heart

mamoworld's MochaImport+ allowed me to quickly and simply import my mocha for AE tracking data into After Effects with just a few clicks for each shot. MochaImport+ gave me reliable, predictable corner pins in every instance. (Any difficulties I encountered proved to be my own error.) I used the CC Power Pin option as well. Even without using Red Giant Warp, I achieved rock-solid corner pins for all 26 shots, and getting the data into AE was made easy with MochaImport+. Mathias' tutorial on how to corner pin in Mocha and use his tool helped me tons.

Let me emphasize that this was my first attempt to ever use Mocha, but the simplicity of mamoworld's MochaImport+ simplified my workflow and helped me complete a project on time and under budget that not only thrills the client, but is something I can be proud of as well. Thank you!

Joel Park
INLIGHT Productions
Lindale, TX, USA

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