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See Mathias at Adobe Video World Conference

For the third year in a row, Mathias is going to present at the AVW (Adobe Video World Conference). AVW is the one big event of the year that is entirely focused on Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. So it is no surprise that the event will be in Seattle, where also the After Effects development team has their offices.

Adobe Video World 2016

September 27 - October 2 | Seattle Merriott Bellevue

If you plan to attend, register here and make sure to use the coupon code SEEMEE16 to save $100 on any pass.

Mathias Sessions

Here is a quick overview of Mathias sessions. You find a more detailed overview of the entire program at the AVW website.

Getting Started with AE Scripting

You want to work more efficiently with After Effects and automate tedious, repeating tasks? This 3 hours long (!) session gets you started with After Effects scripting - even if you didn’t ever do any programming before.

Expressions for Character Animation

Add more life to your characters and automate their animation (also covering but not focusing on extensions like DuiK tools and iExpressions).

Mastering Rotoscoping: Advanced Real World Workflows

Roth Brush, mocha, mask tracker, KeyTweak - there exist plenty of of tools to speed up tedious rotoscoping jobs. Learn how to use those tools effectively!

No, Expressions are not scary! (Level 1)

You are a designer, no computer scientist? You know how to use After Effects but you don’t know how to write computer programs? Comps, layers and effects are your best friends, but
x = thisComp.layer("Blue Solid 1").effect("Slider Control”)("Slider");
is your worst nightmare? In this session you will learn that expressions are fun and easy. Really.

Going Deeper with Expressions (Level 2)

You have some experience with writing expressions but want to go deeper? Learn how to write your own advanced expressions - using loops, creating random text pattern and more.

The Geeky Stuff with Expressions for Geeks and Non-Geeks (Level 3)

What makes the Physics Simulations from iExpressions so super fast? How to make a wheel rotate accurately no matter how it is parented, scaled or transformed? These problems are too complex to explain them exhaustively in one session. Instead of covering all nasty details we will focus on high level strategies to approach these complex expression tasks. No cookbook recipes - but thoughts that will inspire you in your own expressions development.

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