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Sneak Peek: QuickImporter for Premiere Pro and After Effects

Around NAB, we are going to release some cool new extensions and I am happy to show you one of them already today: Welcome to QuickImporter!

We are currently collecting feedback, so please let us know your thoughts in the comments!



Great! How about image sequences?

Good point. In the search results the entire image sequence will be shown as one hit (not each image individually). But unfortunately, in the current Premiere Pro version, the import of image sequences does not work due to a limitation in the scripting API. In AE, the image sequence import works fine, in Premiere Pro most likely with the next Premiere Pro version (I am in contact with Adobe to solve the issue).

How about a grid view?

Thanks, Anders! This is a great suggestion. It will definitely not happen in the first release, but I have put it on my list of feature requests for the first update.

Please don't make it too expensive, I beg you

As usually, also this mamoworld tool will be affordable :-)

Excellent work!
Adobe should be ashamed After effects does not have it by default.

Thank you, Marc :-)

How about a way to add elements to a que and import them all at once? or edit the que import before making the final import. This looks good!

Hi Sean,
thank you for the suggestion. My first impression is that this would add an unnecessary step to first need to add to the queue and import from there. It would definitely make sense if importing or deleting from the project would be long and slow operations, but they should usually be fast. What are the reasons that you would like to have such a queue for?


Looks cool, should speed things up in a big way.. I like it..

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