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Squash & Stretch for After Effects released!

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We are happy to announce that Squash & Stretch for After Effects is now available at aescripts.com


I've been using this extension for a little while and I love it! Unfortunately the last time I tried to use it I could not get it to open. I would navigate to the extensions menu and click on it and nothing happened! Anyone know how I can fix this?

Hi Eric,

there are two things that could cause this:
1) some antivirus software is blocking Squash & Stretch to start. Do you have an antivirus and does it work if you disable it temporarily?
2) Squash & Stretch is installed as "Custom Installation" or "Direct Installation" and Debug Mode is disabled. The installation method provided by Adobe is not 100% robust and in the few cases where it fails, our installer attempts a Custom/Direct installation in order to still install the product. This is a nice workaround but has the side-effect that it only works when "Player Debug Mode" is enabled. The installer does this for you when performing a Custom/Direct installation, but if the debug mode gets disabled later the extension stops working. So please launch the aescripts + aeplugins ZXP installer, open its settings and check whether the option "enable extension debugging" is enabled for all versions listed there. After changing this setting, make sure to restart After Effects.

If you still have issues, please open a support ticket here:
and include as many details (best also screenshots) as possible. The more details I know the better I am able to help.


I used the ZXP installer and it has checkmarks by all the installs (CC 17 & 18) but I can't find it in AE anywhere. I checked, Effects & presets, scripts, panel windows and not anywhere. Then I looked in the Plugins, Presets, and Scripts folder in the AE install folder and it's not there either. I tried ticking on the debug box like mentioned above but no luck.

Hi Jason,
Squash & Stretch is available in the menu Window->Extensions->Squash & Stretch.
Normal scripts are directly listed under Windows, but Panel Extensions like Squash & Stretch are always located at Window->Extensions.


Awesome thx! I wouldn't have thought to look there.

PS: Also make sure to install the most recent version (currently 1.1.000) since the previous version 1.0.001 was signed accidentally with a certificate that expired a few days ago.
You always find the most recent version in your aescripts customer account at

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Squash & Stretch for After Effects released! | mamoworld


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