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Ultra-Smooth Pans with Mocha

Most examples on image stabilization show how to turn some horrible hand-held shot into something a bit less shaky. But is image stabilization only for people who do not know how to operate a tripod? Helmuth E. Günther definitely knows how to operate a tripod. He produces 'postcard films' which show beautiful landscapes and are projected on huge screens to entertain the audience during the breaks of various events.

Pans that look smooth on my 46" screen might still appear shaky when you watch them standing only 6 meters away from a huge 10 meter panel.
knows Günther. And that's where Mocha comes into play. Günther continues
I have tried many stabilizers, but the accuracy of Mocha really blew me away!

With MochaImport it just takes a few clicks to finish any stabilization task. Here are some advices to keep in mind already on set.

  • Stabilizing is not about "fixing it in post", its about making something good look even better. Pan as smooth as possible and only leave the subtle fine-tuning to Mocha.
  • Always record a few seconds before and after your pan, since the stabilized pan starts a bit earlier and stops a bit later in order to accelerate smoothly.
  • In contrast to Mocha, the build in stabilizer of your camera cannot look into the future. Hence, it will not start the pan earlier but do the opposite: It tries to keep the frame static as long as possible. Therefore, turn it off.

Getting smooth pans is in particular hard with a long focal length. The following pan was done using the EOS 5D Mark II with a 400mm lens:

In the next clip the camera was directly mounted to the chair lift. Note how the horizon is moving in the original clip.

A similar situation appears (more subtle) in the following clip where the camera was fixed on the boat:

Learn to stabilize with Mocha!

ultra-smooth pans with Mocha and After Effects

The tutorial ultra-smooth pans with Mocha and After Effects shows how to stabilize a pan using Mocha, After Effects, MochaImport and iExpressions.
Stabilize motion without the need to zoom

The tutorial Stabilize motion without the need to zoom shows the same technique (but with a hand-held shot instead of a pan) using normal expressions instead of iExpressions.

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