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Version 1.1. of MochaImport+ for NUKE out now

Today we released version 1.1 of MochaImport+. It is a free update for all 1.0 users and offers some handy new features. It even contains some 100% free functionality that you can use without time limitation even if you don't have a license of MochaImport+.

Scripts still work on machines where MochaImport+ is not installed

We know how painful it is if you need to ensure that a plugin is installed on any machine that needs to render or modify a NUKE script. With MochaImport+ 1.1 this pain is gone. Your projects work on any machine that has NUKE 7 or newer installed, even if MochaImport+ is not installed. You only need MochaImport+ if you want to load or replace tracking data in your script. Everything else can also be done on a machine without MochaImport+.

New SplineWarp+ node

We got a lot of positive feedback about the GridWarp+ node. Hence, we decided to also add a SplineWarp+ node. It is a normal NUKE SplineWarp node with the ability to load mocha tracking data to move the splines. Similar to the Roto+ and RotoPaint+, you can apply the tracking data to any layer of the node.

Checkout the Beauty Retouch Tutorial to see the SplineWarp+ in action

Relative file path - new and 100% free

When you share NUKE projects with others or move them to another location, one thing that is really annoying is that the footage links break. Our new workflow tool Relative File Path fixes this in a single click. In order to use it, you don't even need to buy MochaImport+. Just install the trial - Relative File Path is included and fully functional without any time limitation.

API to use MochaImport in your Python scripts

Now you can do anything you can do with the MochaImport+ user interface also with Python commands. Execute the command "help(mochaimport)" in NUKE's script editor to get started.

More changes

  • support NUKE corner pin nodes as input: instead of loading mocha tracking data, you can also copy and paste a normal NUKE corner pin node to the clipboard and any MochaImport+ node can load its data from there. This is in particular useful, if you want to paste your mocha tracking data as a node in your nuke script as a reference in order to use it from there later.
  • simplified installation
  • camera rig now connects camera to scene
  • fixed error messages with RotoPaint and GridWarp nodes that are not generated by MochaImport+
  • fixed issues of Corner Pin w. Lens Distortion and Stabilized Precomp (no repeated edge pixels, no clipping at borders, better concatenation)


Download your free trial of MochaImport+ for NUKE at aescripts.com.

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