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VFX Breakdowns from SLGH

We got mail again from a happy client - and this time with some impressive VFX breakdowns attached.


My name is Lars Wemmje and I work as Digital Artist at Slaughterhouse Visual Manufacturing GmbH in Hamburg. More precisely, I work as 3D- und 2D Generalist and work with Maya, VRay, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, AE, PS, Mocha Pro and of course MochaImport+ ;-)

Slaughterhouse is a German post production house for all visual media with a focus on commercials.
We have offices in Berlin and Hamburg.

You can find more infos about our work on our homepage, www.slgh.com. You can find some of my private work on my homepage, www.wemmje.info

Work with MochaImport+ for AE

MochaImport+ is a very important tool for me. It's as indispensable as my Wacom pen - I simply cannot work without it.

We make lots of retouching and often need to integrate 2D or 3D elements in a scene or do object removals. For me, MochaImport+ is by far the best tool available for this kind of work! It makes my work fast and effective.

This Breakdown Video shows some parts of my work done with MochaImport+ The last example in the video shows a Mercedes AMG for which I had to replace the rims.

This shot was one of the most complex I ever had to work on. I was not sure from the beginning whether the MochaImport+ workflow would do the trick here, but it did.

Here is a short explanation how I solved the shot:
I tracked the right side of the car in mocha Pro and created a stabilized precomp with MochaImport+ in AE. As the rim was not moving anymore in the precomp, I could easily replace and animate the rims with new ones which I rendered in a 3D program.

The tool already saved my day many times. It shows that you can do more than you think you could - you just have to try.

Sounds like a stupid saying, but its true ;-)

Kudos to Dr.-Ing. Mathias Möhl for developping this software. I hope he is coming up with some more tools in the future.



Thanks a lot for the letter Lars! Concerning the new tools in the future: I see something on the horizon - maybe coming in June :-)

Cheers, Mathias

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