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admin's blog

Automation Blocks for Ae - Public Beta

During the next two month everybody can use our new tool Automation Blocks for After Effects for free. Finally, automating and scripting in After Effects is not only accessible to programmers, but to any creative person.

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Dear Motion Design Community,

We are experts in communication - Today our voices are needed loud and clear: We stand against violence. We stand for peace for all people.

What can we do?

  • Create a video that raises awareness of the situation in Ukraine. Share it with the hashtag #MotionForPeace
  • Share and like #MotionForPeace videos

Let’s be as open and creative as possible, but here are some (optional) ideas for videos:

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Mathias live at Creativity Hive - Ask Your Questions!

This week Mathias is invited to the live show of Creativity Hive to talk about upcoming mamoworld tools but also his personal life behind the scenes of mamoworld. Join us and ask questions during the live show!


Wednesday , September 22, 11:00am PDT

(no registration needed)

Watch the Recording

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iExpressions 3.2.003 released!

We just released iExpressions 3.2.003. The free update includes a great Auto-Resizing Background Shape iExpression and and improved version of the Mirror Shape iExpression which gives you better control over the mirror direction. The update also includes various bug fixes - in particular for the Spring iExpressions.

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Mathias at Adobe Live (German Event)

Note: Usually, all our content is English, but since this event is in German, the following text is German, too.

Diese Woche Mittwoch ist Mathias Möhl von mamoworld beim deutschen Kanal von Adobe Live zu Gast. In dem 90-minütigen Live-Stream “Video und Motion Masterclass” spricht er mit dem Gastgeber Robert Hranitzky über sein kostenloses Motion Graphics eBook und natürlich seine After Effects-Extensions.

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Top 11 Plugins for Adobe After Effects in 2021

Learning a program like After Effects is hard – it’s a complex beast with hundreds of features and many distinct styles, and it takes time. The good news is that we live in a golden age of creativity where there are literally thousands of plugins that can help you to achieve whatever you’d like, developed by dedicated programmers across the world. But which ones should you choose?

Before we get into the list, a few pieces of essential advice:

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UX with Spring Animations in Adobe After Effects

So, you’ve designed the user interface of your app in Adobe Xd, Sketch or Figma and now you want to implement it in Android, iOS or a web app. But before you start coding, there’s one little thing missing in your design: animation. How does the loader spin, exactly? When a message is deleted, does it just disappear abruptly, fade out, scale out, or perhaps fly into a trash can icon? And what’s the exact timing for that move?

You’ll need to answer these questions before the app is actually implemented. But here’s the problem: you can’t just ask a motion designer to create some videos with the behavior you want, because a developer won’t be able to implement these animations based only on a sample video. The programmer will need the exact motion path and timing details to recreate the same animation in your app. And to make matters worse, those details are very different for Android, iOS and web apps.

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