With Auto Lip-Sync you can create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording.


Automatic Animation Fully automatic movement of the mouth - no need for keyframes

Step by Step Wizard The step by step wizard guides you though the process.

Mouth Interior Animation Optional animation of teeth and tongue - fully automatic and easy to adjust.

Fine Tuning Easy and quick fine-tuning on top of the automatic animation: Control with convenient slider controls how wide the mouth opens and how it deforms, adjust the shape of the opened or closed mouth and set markers at points where you feel the mouth should have more of an O-shape.

Talking tree with Auto Lip-Sync


"Froggy Girl" by Eric D. Kirk, winner of the Auto Lip-Sync contest

"A Story of Hope" by Funky Medics. Auto Lip-Sync can also create a sketchy, cartoon like mouth animation. And its a good team player with other AE plugins - in this case with FreeForm Pro.

"Robin, the talking Chipmunk"

300 Mashed Potatoes

300 Mashed Potatoes, re-enactment of a scene from 300.


Speechless by Senzagiridiparole (won second prize in Auto Lip-Sync contest).

A Bagels Life

A Bagels Life by Aaron Waller (won third prize in Auto Lip-Sync contest).

Auto Lip-Sync tutorials

User Interface: 


Terrific! Thanks for the prompt reply. You've made a sale. Gonna have great fun!

best regards.

My auto lip sync won't work. It keeps saying that "Function Y is undefined." what does that mean?

Hi Jeron,
which version of Auto Lip-Sync and After Effects are you using? When exactly did you get the error message? Could you please send me a screenshot to info@mamoworld.com?

Hi, I bought the auto lipsync plugin but when I open it in AE, there is not "create mouth rig" button. Can anyone pls tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks

Hi Richard,
this issue is caused by a bug in the AE scripting API that occurred in CC2014 when they added support for High DPI displays.
Which version of AE are you using? You can either downgrade to AE CC (the version before CC2014) or try whether it works with the most recent version of AE.


I've created a mouth in AutoLipSync but discovered that it's placed way too low. Is there a way to move the mouth opening after I've already created it or do I have to rig a new mouth?

Hi Sofie, if you didn't adjust the open and closed mouth shape, you can try to move the mouth corner points and the masks of the layer to move the mouth. But if you reshaped the open or closed mouth shape there is no easy way to move the mouth, so you have to start again from the beginning. Cheers, Mathias

For some reason I can't select tools from any of the fx in the effect control area ..ie to adjust the mouth shape with the finger tool

Have you tried to select the effect parameters in the timeline?

anything new updates or feature with your plugin?

is it possible to hold a position like an ooooooo in a song? thru the marker ?

I guess the easiest way to do this is to add some keyframes to the "Mouth O-Shape intensity" silder of the rig. Just increase the value when the long ooooooo sound starts and go back to the normal value when the oooooo sound is over.

Hi auto lip sync has stopped working ith Adobe AE 2017 cc. Any updates?

Hi Paco,

Auto Lip-Sync should be fully compatible with CC2017.
If it does not work for you, could you please open a support ticket here:
and describe the issue as detailed as possible.
Best attach screenshots of the error message you get or showing the different steps you are doing. The more details I know, the better I will be able to help.


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