J'ai installé squash and stress par le programme d'installation de AEscript mais aucune fenêtre d'interface apparait dans after effect .
comment puis je faire?


Hi Dave,
note that Squash & Stretch is not directly located in the Window menu, but in the Extensions submenu:
Window->Extensions->Squash & Stretch
Also note that you need to restart Ae after installing the extension.

If it still does not work, please open a support ticket here
and describe the issue as detailed as possible (did the installer give any error message? Which OS are you using? Which Ae are you using? Does the installer show Squash & Stretch as installed?)


How do you see all of the behaviors before you buy the plugin?

See this tutorial for an overview of all behaviors:

Loving Squash and Stretch so much! Is there a way to export the beautiful new S&S-made motion to lottie files (.json) using Bodymovin or other extension?
When exporting after adding Squash and Stretch effects changes are not reflected on the json file.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi MP,
currently BodyMovin does not support the BezierWarp effect used by Squash & Stretch to add the deformation. So you will only be able to export it properly if you set the "Squash & Stretch" parameter to 0 (if there is no deformation, Squash & Stretch does not create the Bezier Warp effect).
Please talk to the guys developing Lottie/BodyMovin whether they can add support for the Bezier Warp effect.
I discussed this once with the dev of BodyMovin, but unfortunately these kinds of deformations seem to be rather complex for them to add.

Thanks, Mathias!
I tried it with parameter set to 0. It loses some of the magic but still saves tons of time. Thanks for the tip and the speedy response.
Will do :)

you are welcome! If you have any examples created with S&S online, please let me know such that we can share them on our social media :-)

I have been using squash & stretch for a little while, and I love it! But for some reason it stopped working. When I go to the extensions menu and click on Squash & Stretch nothing happens! Any idea why this it isn't working anymore?

Hi Eric,

there are two things that could cause this:
1) some antivirus software is blocking Squash & Stretch to start. Do you have an antivirus and does it work if you disable it temporarily?
2) Squash & Stretch is installed as "Custom Installation" or "Direct Installation" and Debug Mode is disabled. The installation method provided by Adobe is not 100% robust and in the few cases where it fails, our installer attempts a Custom/Direct installation in order to still install the product. This is a nice workaround but has the side-effect that it only works when "Player Debug Mode" is enabled. The installer does this for you when performing a Custom/Direct installation, but if the debug mode gets disabled later the extension stops working. So please launch the aescripts + aeplugins ZXP installer, open its settings and check whether the option "enable extension debugging" is enabled for all versions listed there. After changing this setting, make sure to restart After Effects.

If you still have issues, please open a support ticket here:
and include as many details (best also screenshots) as possible. The more details I know the better I am able to help.


#2 worked! For some reason "Player Debug Mode" wasn't enabled. Once I enabled it it worked!

great, thanks for the feedback and have fun with Squash & Stretch!

I have been testing the free version before buying the pro version and it doesn't seem to be working consistently with CC 2018. Sometimes it wants to create precomps on a layer and sometimes it doesn't. Is there a reason for this? It even happens on the same layer. It will want to precomp it, then I undo it and the next time it applies the effect without precomping it.

Hi Nico,
Squash & Stretch precomposes a layer only when it is necessary. It is necessary in one of three cases:

1. layer is a text layer
2. layer is a shape layer
3. layer has collapse transformations enabled

In addition, it often makes sense to precompose layers when they have masks, because masks might cause that only a small part of the entire layer is actually visible. If this is the case and the layer is not precomposed, Squash & Stretch animates the layer as if the entire layer was visible. If the behavior rotates around one corner, for example, it will rotate around the corner of the layer, not of the visible part. Therefore, when applying a behavior to a masked layer, Squash & Stretch also asks whether it should precompose it (and will crop the precomp to only the masked area). But this can also be deactivated in the Squash & Stretch settings.

Also note that of course each layer needs to be precomposed only once. So if you apply a first behavior to a text layer, it will be precomposed. If you now apply a second behavior to it, it is already precomposed and does not need to be precomposed again.

If you undo and then apply a behavior again, it should behave exactly as the first time. Maybe you have the "don't ask again" checkbox enabled when accepting the precompose so when you undo and redo it will be precomposed again but S&S does not ask anymore but does it without asking? In the Squash & Stretch preferences you can set which of these confirmations you want to see.



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