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With Auto Lip-Sync you can create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording.


Automatic Animation Fully automatic movement of the mouth - no need for keyframes

Step by Step Wizard The step by step wizard guides you though the process.

Mouth Interior Animation Optional animation of teeth and tongue - fully automatic and easy to adjust.

Fine Tuning Easy and quick fine-tuning on top of the automatic animation: Control with convenient slider controls how wide the mouth opens and how it deforms, adjust the shape of the opened or closed mouth and set markers at points where you feel the mouth should have more of an O-shape.

Talking tree with Auto Lip-Sync


"Froggy Girl" by Eric D. Kirk, winner of the Auto Lip-Sync contest

"A Story of Hope" by Funky Medics. Auto Lip-Sync can also create a sketchy, cartoon like mouth animation. And its a good team player with other AE plugins - in this case with FreeForm Pro.

"Robin, the talking Chipmunk"

300 Mashed Potatoes

300 Mashed Potatoes, re-enactment of a scene from 300.


Speechless by Senzagiridiparole (won second prize in Auto Lip-Sync contest).

A Bagels Life

A Bagels Life by Aaron Waller (won third prize in Auto Lip-Sync contest).

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All mamoworld products are available at aescripts + aeplugins.

User Interface: 


Can you please make a tutorial how to create a similar Project like "A Bagels Life by Aaron Waller" with moving eyes?

Hi James,

thank you for this suggestion. I will put it on my list for tutorial ideas.

For blinking eyes, you can check out the tutorial for the change at marker 2D iExpression:





I'm getting a message saying I can update my 1.01 version of Auto-Lip-Sync to 1.03 by going to the website. However, I can't seem to find how? Will I have to buy the update or is it free for registered users?

Best regards,
Bas van den Biggelaar

Found it ;-)

Hi Bas, its a free update. To install it, you can simply download and install the trial from here:

Your existing license will automatically be determined such that it turns into the full version.



Hi I downloaded the auto-lip-sync to try. I have a stop frame animation with a moving mouth and a soundtrack to go with it. Just now the mouth opens and closes but not in sync. How do I work out the timing if the mouth already moves?

Thanks Jo

The three masks re not getting creating in the animation layer. V1.03. I got the masks once, but I have tried a very simple mouth rig with very little warps several times and they won't show under the layer.

What am missing?

Hi Gregg, sorry for the late reply. The masks should be created. If it does not work, create a support ticket here and give me as many details as possible. Best upload some screenshots of what you are doing - the better I understand your project, the quicker I will be able to help. Cheers, Mathias

Hi, if my footage is already smiling with open mouth and teeth, how can I animate it thru the plug in?

Hi Amir,

in the first step, with the "Straighten Mouth Liquify" effect, you need to get rid of the smile and make sure the mouth is a straight line. When forming the final mouth shapes later, you can reintroduce the smile. For the teeth, you need to create new teeth on a layer below the actual mouth.

Thanks, but what if my mouth is like in this photo:

I can't really straighten/reintroduce it.

Is there any solution for this?

Then better choose another footage or experiment with any other warping or painting technique in AE to make the mouth look closed before applying Auto Lip-Sync.

How can I do a 3/4 view of a mouth? When I applied the plugin, it looks like the character is talking from the side of his mouth.

Hi Chris,

3/4 view is complicated.
Depending on how much the head is visible from the side do the following: If both ends of the mouth are still visible, just try to shape the open and closed mouth in step 3 and 4 of Auto Lip-Sync such that it looks good. Don't hesitate to heavily deform the mouth shape.

If one corner of the mouth is not visible anymore, in addition do what is shown for a mouth visible from the side in this tutorial:


PS: Here is such an example: It is done like the chipmunk, but it is not half of the mouth that is "outside of the character" but only a small part of it. Apart from that is is all just done with heavy reshaping in steps 3 and 4 (the left part of the mouth is reshaped to open much more than the right part etc). Also note that you can finetune the keyframes of the Shape Mouth Liquify effect at any time later to improve what you did in steps 3 and 4. Just make sure to do not add additional keyframes but only modify the two existing ones (open and closed mouth shape).

Does the LIp-Sync program work with any audio file format? Also can you make a short tutorial with two people talking using the program.

Hi Joseph,
yes, Auto Lip-Sync works with any audio format supported by After Effects, also with the audio track of a video, for example.

To create a dialog of two people talking, the main thing you need to understand is that Auto Lip-Sync always uses all audio that is currently audible when you run it. This means if you have the voices of the two people on two separate audio files, you just need to mute person B when creating the mouth of person A and vice versa.
If you have the voice of both people in the same audio file, I recommend to duplicate the audio layer and keyframe the audio levels of it such that only one of them is audible (i.e. set to silence where the other person is talking).


Thanks a lot. Also one more question. I did my first conversion. But the markers aren't doing anything to make the O and other sounds. Any suggestions. I did move the masks around some. I tried playing with the Effect Controls and still nothing.

Hi Joseph,

please make sure that 

  • you set markers on this layer, not composition markers,
  • the slider "additional O-Shape at markers" has a value that is large enough,
  • the O-Shape deformation effect is not disabled

If all of this doesn't help, please send me the project to and I will take a look.



Is it possible to replace an audio track after the rig has already been set up? I have a character that shows up in multiple scenes, I would love to rig her head only one time.
Thanks for a great plugin!

Hi Mike,

yes, here is a tutorial that shows how to do this:



How do you control facial expressions with Auto Lipsync? eg: smiling, fretting, etc... Also, it would be nice to include some screen shots of the interface on this page (might have made my question redundant). Many thanks

For facial expressions you best add additional warp effects (like Mesh Warp or Liquify) on top of Auto Lip-Sync.
To keep everything clean and organized, I recommend to apply such additional effects on a separate adjustment layer on top of the Auto Lip-Sync layer.

If you keyframe the distortion mesh of Mesh Warp or Liquify, you can transition from one expression to another one.

Thank you for replying so quickly, and for the tip. Are there any plans to introduce a slider control for curving the mouth up or down at the ends? So as to allow for basic control over the mood of the character during speech. I'm sure such a feature would be of interest to many of your customers (and potential customers).
Thanks again

Thank you for this suggestion. I like it, just have to check whether it can be done in a general and robust way automatically. It is on my feature request list now, but I cannot promise anything soon - too many projects :-).

Can you easily swap in a new audio track for the same character, or do you need to go through all the re-morphing the mouth stuff EVERY time you get a new audio track, even if the head has not changed? I don't see a way to have it reanalyze my audio? thanks!

I've faced a problem "Could not run the AE menu command to convert audio to keyframes". How to fix it?

which UI language of After Effects are you using?

the same problem, AE CC

which user interface language are you running Ae with and which version of Auto Lip-Sync are you using? The more details I know, the better I am able to help.

Hi there,

This software is amazing, but I'm trying to work out how to do something.
I've already made my stop motion film, before I even found out about this software. Now I'm trying to see if there is an easy way to have multiple instances running simultaneously so I can take 1 scene and have the 2-3 characters talking between each other? Also when the camera zooms in, how do I make the mouth stay the same size in relation to the character (a Lego minifig) ie using tracking?

Many thanks

Hi Sébastien,
if your mouth is moving, best apply Auto Lip-Sync in a stabilized precomp, as shown in this tutorial:

The tutorial shows how to create a stabilized precomp with MochaImport+, but you can do the same also with MaskTracker+ if you prefer.

If you rather want to move the mouth manually instead of tracking, you should also be able to apply Auto Lip-Sync to an adjustment layer on top of your footage and keyframe the position, scale and rotation of the adjustment layer. But usually, the tracking approaches give better results.

Auto Lip-Sync always considers all audio that is currently enabled, i.e. audible.
If you have more than one character talking you can simply run Auto Lip-Sync several times and each time before you run the Auto Lip-Sync assistant, make sure that only the audio of the one character is audible (turn off the other layers representing the voice of the other characters).
To keep everything clean, I recommend to apply each instance of Auto Lip-Sync on a separate layer. If you have just one footage layer, you can put several adjustment layers on top of it and apply one instance of Auto Lip-Sync to each of them.


I've got V1.01 what is new in V1.06 or is there a list to view an update log somewhere?

see the tab "version history" here:


Thanks so much for your great plug-in. I am suddenly having one issue, however. The masks which control the deformations are not being created "centered" over my mouth illustration. After I use the wizard, set up the cross bar, and straighten the mouth, the masks are created near the top left, (0,0) corner of the comp. Any ideas why this may be/ When I try to move the masks centered around the mouth, the o deformations are not functioning/incorrect.

Thanks so much for your help.


I believe I answered my own question. I had collapse transformations active for the layer. That seems to cause an assortment of issues with auto lip sync. All is well now. Thanks again for the great plug in/script. It has helped my work immensely.



Hi JB, great to hear the issue is solved.
Thanks for sharing the solution.

I am having some issues with a cartoon animation I'm doing with heavy character dialogue. Hopefully someone can lend some support or their input:

The RAM preview is taking a really long time. We have 16 gigs of ram, our average RAM preview is about 30min for every 8sec of animation. The plug in also slow down our After effects file tremendously when trying to edit or fix any animation.

We are also have trouble with the mouth shapes when we apply the * in the head layer. Can you suggest any tweaks in the settings to get a more organic look? Our animation seems to be coming out very robotic like.

Hi Jordan,

you find some tips to speed-up Auto Lip-Sync here:

For more realistic mouth animation, it really pays off to set markers for the O-Shape deformation. It is a bit of manual extra work, but really pays off. And with some experience, it doesn’t take too much time. Usually the markers don’t need to be 100% accurate. Just roughly set one wherever you here and o or u sound. Also, the animation looks much better if you take some time to reshape the open and closed mouth shape in the wizard. The default shape is usually to regular and symmetric.



Hi, JB here again. I have a new challenge that I am not sure how to work around. The dialogue that I have to lip sync is recorded at a very low level. Even when I adjust the audio in after effects effects and max it out, the auto lip sync is opening and closing the mouth only in very small frequencies, barley affecting the mouth at all. What can I do to save this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi JB,
the Auto Lip-Sync rig has a slider called "Voice Volume" which represents the audio information and has a keyframe on each frame.
I recommend to modify these keyframes manually with the graph editor. In the graph editor, just select all keyframes in the region where it is to low level. The graph editor gives you a bounding box and by moving the top part of the box upwards, you increase the voice volume of all the selected keyframes.


very nice

very nice

Hi - in your basic tutorial videos, it looks like auto lip-sync has only movements for 2 or 3 visemes (open for A and E, round for O and closed for M, B and P sounds).

is it possible to add more (so we can make the mouth shape for F or the L or the W sounds)?

Hi Jarrick,

no, Auto Lip-Sync only supports the o-shape markers to fine-tune the mouth shape.
However, you can annotate percentages to the O-shape markers. With a marker comment "50%", for example, it will only to 50% of the O-Shape intensity. In practice, this is usually a good balance that gives good results with not too much extra work.


I downloaded the trial version but I don't have any wizard! And I don't have the "create Mouth Rig" either!
I only have the question mark and the settings. It's completely useless :(

Hi Bart,
yes, this is a known bug in AE 13.1 and 13.2 on some Windows systems.
This is because in 13.1, AE introduced support for High DPI displays. Unfortunately, this High DPI display support has a bug that causes the UI of Auto Lip-Sync and some other scripts to be shown wrongly.

Which version of AE are you using? In 13.0 and earlier it should definitely work, and also in CC2015 it should work again.

I heard from a customer now that he could solve the issue by setting the font size of Windows from large to normal. But this did not help on some other machines.

I would love to have a better solution. But since this is a bug in AE and not in Auto Lip-Sync, there is nothing I can do about it.

Also see this discussion:
where AE product manager Todd Kopriva says "We fixed some high-DPI issues for scripts in v13.5.0, and we have more fixes on the way, targeted for a release within a few months."

Hence, if you use CC2015 it is very likely that it will work.



I would like to know how to save my project with the lip-sync animation. Because it doesn't work. Which setting do I have to use?

Thanks in advance

Hi Femke,
what do you mean with saving the project. Do you mean exporting (rendering) the final video?
This depends heavily on the file format that you want to get.

At the end of guru lesson 1 I show how to render the final video in After Effects:

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