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Files Spreadsheet

These blocks allow you to read and write spreadsheet files. We currently support two formats:

  • csv (supported by all major spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel, Open Office, Apple Numbers and Google Docs)
  • Excel XML

Whenever you read or write a spreadsheet file, make sure it has either the file extension .csv or .xml. Based on this file extension, Automation Blocks will decide whether it treats the file as a csv or an Excel XML file.

Add Row/Column to Spreadsheet

Block spreadsheet_add_row

Adds a new row (or column) to a spreadsheet file.

By default, the values for the first two cells (cell A and cell B) in the new row are written. You can add more cells by clicking on the blue cog wheel icon in the top left corner of the block.

Creating New Files

If the spreadsheet file already exists, this block will append a new row/column to it. If you want to start a new file, just delete the existing file before this block.

For Each Row/Column of Spreadsheet

Block spreadsheet_for_each_row

Reads an entire spreadsheet file row by row (or column by column).

With the optional from row and to row parameters you can limit the range of rows that is read. If the first row of your spreadsheet contains a title that you want to skip, for example, just set from row to 2 (cell indices start at 1 for the first row).

By default, from each row the first two cells are read (cell A and cell B), but if you click on the cogwheel icon in the top left corner of the block, you can add more cells.

The blocks that you nest inside this block are executed once for each row of the spreadsheet. During that execution, the contents of each cell in that row is stored in a variable (my cell 1, my cell 2 etc.) so that you can easily access the contents of these cells.

Set Spreadsheet Cell

Block spreadsheet_set_cell

Writes a single cell to a spreadsheet. If the file already exists, the content of this cell will be replaced.

Cell indices start at 1 for the first row/column.

Get Spreadsheet Cell

Block spreadsheet_get_cell

Reads a single cell from a spreadsheet. If the cell is empty, the empty text will be returned.

Cell indices start at 1 for the first row/column.

Get Size of Spreadsheet

Block spreadsheet_get_size

Returns the number of rows or the number of columns of the spreadsheet file.