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How to render a clip in After Effects?

When you finished a project in After Effects, the final step is to render your project (i.e. to export it into a movie file).

For rendering, you have in general several different options:

  • use the Render Queue build into After Effects (see tutorial Guru Lesson 1 below)
  • use the Adobe Media Encoder (see tutorial Guru Lesson 1 below)
  • use the BG Renderer available on Aescripts.com

While the first method seems to be the obvious choice, the second and third alternative have the advantage that you can continue working in After Effects while the video is rendered. Also the Adobe Media Encoder is sometimes better and offers more options when it comes to render certain formats.

In our Guru Lesson 1 you learn how to use the Render Queue or Adobe Media Encoder to export your clip.

Guru Lesson 1 - Getting Started with After Effects

Do your first steps in AE. Learn how to import footage, create a composition and work with layers. Then we use blending modes to create a cool fire effect and export the final video.
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