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What are the best After Effects Tutorials for Beginners?

When you start working with After Effects, it will probably be overwhelming. There are tons of video tutorials online, but most of them focus on a particular effect and don't offer structured training that help beginners to get started.

If you are new to After Effects and don't know where to start, I recommend the following free training series

They start with the very basic stuff and give you the foundation to follow all the other tutorials that you find online. If you prefer books to video training, I recommend the book After Effects Apprentice by Trish and Chris Meyer.

To get started, it does not matter, which version of After Effects you own. If the training video is for CS5 and you already own CS6, its not a big deal. In the basics, all the versions are very similar.


I would like to buy a after effect book can u pls let me know which is the best book to learn the after effect
Thanks & Ragards
Nithish Raghav
email :-nithishraghav.dj@gmail.com

For beginners I recommend "Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects" by Trish and Chris Meyer.

If you are more interested in compositing than motion graphics, you should also take a look at "After Effects Studio Techniques" by Mark Christiansen.

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