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Chapter 11

Templates & Automation

  1. Motion Graphics Templates
  2. Automatic Layout
  3. Data-driven Animation
  4. Translation

When you’re getting started with motion graphics, your main goal is probably to make awesome animations. But if your goal is to make a living from motion graphics, this shouldn’t be your only focus. The market for motion graphics has grown over the years, and the huge popularity of social media, as well as a trend towards video content, means there’s a very high demand for motion graphics. But if you need to create a couple of short little social media videos every day, your skillset needs to be a bit different than that of an artist who works on a Disney movie, for example. Being fast and efficient is becoming more and more important. There’s a reason that during the last few years Adobe has focused on developing new features in this area – motion graphics templates and data-driven animation.

In this chapter, we’ll take a look at these features, along with some other tools. We’ll also discuss how they can help you to create more value for your client. Because if you want to run a successful motion graphics business, your first job probably won’t be a Disney movie. So, let’s learn what skills you need to be a hero to your boss or client in our social media age.

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