In order to support .aif and .mp3 files in Beat Assistant, you need to install the separate tool LAME. Beat Assistant then uses LAME to convert .mp3 and .aif to .wav before running the beat detection.

LAME is available for free under the LGPL license (for details see the website of the LAME Project). Please note that personal and/or commercial use of compiled versions of LAME may require a patent license in some countries (more infos).

Getting LAME

Since the official LAME website only offers source-code, we recommend to download a compiled version of LAME from the following sources.

How to configure LAME in Beat Assistant

Step 1
Download Lame and run the installer.

configure LAME step 1Step 2
Go to the settings window of Beat Assistant.

configure LAME step 3Step 3
Click on the button "Configure Tools for bpm Detection".

Step 4
Click on "Automatic Detection" such that Beat Assistant can find the Lame you just installed. configure LAME step 4