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Motion Design Essentials 2: Color - Less is More

In this motion design quick tip you learn why you should not use too many different colors in your motion design projects.

This video is part of the Motion Design Essentials series - quick tips which help you to create better motion graphics.

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InstaChoir - Crowdsourced Music Video Workflow with Premiere Pro and Audition

During these times of Coronavirus, crowd-sourced music video projects - where people record themselves at home - have become very popular. The virtual InstaChoir by Jordan Travis and Mike Odendahl is one such project, on a rather impressive scale:

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Spring Animations in Adobe After Effects


  1. What are spring animations?
  2. Import Designs from Figma, Sketch and Xd to After Effects
  3. Creating spring animations in Ae
  4. Android spring parameters
  5. Spring animations on scale
  6. Implementing springs in Android, iOS and React
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Easy Bouncing Animation in After Effects 2021

In this tutorial we create a cool bouncing animation in Adobe After Effects in less than a minute. We use our extension Easy Bounce to turn a roughly keyframed motion into a physically accurate and great looking animation.

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Combining Squash & Stretch Pro and Easy Bounce in After Effects

In this 1 minute tutorial we create an animation in just one minute by refining a Squash & Stretch Pro behavior with our tool Easy Bounce Pro.
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