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After Effects tutorial

Motion Design Essentials 21: Brains Simplify Reality

One key to creating good animations is to understand how your brain perceives reality. Understand your brain and you will be able to create better motion graphics!

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Motion Design Essentials 20: Spatial Interpolation

Learn what the different spatial interpolation options for keyframes mean in Adobe After Effects. We cover all variants of spatial interpolation including linear, bezier, auto bezier, and continuous bezier.

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Motion Design Essentials 18: Speed Graph vs Value Graph

If you've never really understood all those different curves of the graph editor in After Effects, this tutorial is for you! Learn the difference between the speed and the value graph and why it's often better to use the speed graph to tweak the timing of your animation.

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Motion Design Essentials 17: Roving Keyframes

Learn what Roving Keyframes are doing in After Effects and why they are very helpful to ease complex motion paths. When keyframing a motion, you often need a lot of keyframes to describe the motion path.

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Motion Design Essentials 15: Graph Editor Basics

This tutorial gives an overiew of adjusting the keyframe easing in Adobe After Effects with speed curves in the graph editor.

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Motion Design Essentials 14: The Graph Editor Aquarium

The main reason why many people don't like the graph editor in After Effects, is that adjusting the speed curve is not very intuitive. Watch this tutorial and it will change the way you think about the graph editor!

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