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Auto Lip-Sync

Build Me Some Hope: Switch Out Existing Voice Over With Auto Lip Sync

This is part eight of a big After Effects tutorial series from Dave Legion at Aetuts+ about character animation.

In this part Dave shows you how to switch out the voice over with other audio tracks or even other languages using our Auto Lip Sync.

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Build Me Some Hope: Using MamoWorld’s Auto Lip-Sync

This is one part of a big tutorial series from Dave Legion at Aetuts+ about character animation.

In this part Dave explains how to set up the lip syncing for your puppet using Mamoworld’s Auto Lip-Sync solution. He also shares some interesting tricks and techniques along the way.

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mocha live training recorded at IBC tradeshow


  1. Mercedes commercial - rim replacement how to composite 3d elements without 3d tracking (at 1:55)
  2. Mercedes commercial - clown nesting two stabilized precomps to fix a track (at 8:56)
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Behind The Scenes: What my Dog Thinks About Creative Cloud

In this video we take a look behind the scenes of the clip "What my Dog thinks about Creative Cloud".
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Auto Lip-Sync: How to replace the audio after creating the mouth rig

In this quick tip, you learn how to replace the audio after you have created a mouth rig with Auto Lip-Sync. This is useful whenever you want to mouth to say many different things, but don't want to start with your project from scratch each time.
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Auto Lip-Sync: Contest Winners

Watching all your submissions for the Auto Lip-Sync contest was really fun - we got a lot of great submissions. A big thank you to everybody who contributed!

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