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Guru Lesson 2 - Effects and Keyframes

In this guru lesson you learn how to apply effects to layers. We create an amazing lightning effect and you learn how to animate properties with keyframes.
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WikiLeak Removal - Get your Job in Censorship Business

Learn how to remove unwanted information from web videos - a skill that becomes more and more important as internet censorship is a growing business.
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Cyborg Arm - the Effect for your next Action Film

In this tutorial you learn how to use After Effects to turn you arm into a cyborg arm. We use some advanced tracking and compositing techniques.
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Advanced Compositing of an Action Scene with Explosions

In this tutorial we create an impressive action scene with explosions, gun fire, a shaky camera and a lot of stuff going on.
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Mocha Corner Pin - Part 1

In this tutorial you learn how to do corner pin tracking in mocha. As an example, we recreate the famous picture frame effect from the HP commercial.
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Picture Frame Effect with mocha Corner Pin - part 2

In this second part, we use the reshape effect and Tracker2Mask to create the funny effect at the end of the clip where the picture is detached from the background.
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How to use Tracker2Mask to move Masks with Trackpoints

In this Tutorial you learn how to use the mamoworld After Effects tool Tracker2Mask to assist you in your rotoscoping tasks. Tracker2Mask moves masks with your trackpoints.
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