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Link texts, colors and data from your Ae project to a JSON file.
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Hands-on Example: Rotating Wheels Rig (Expressions Tutorial 4)

In this class we use everything we learned in the previous classes for a hands-on example: We develop an expression to rotate the wheels of a car automatically. It works such that you only need to keyframe the position of the car and the expression calculates how the wheels

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Ae Expressions Nerd Tip 2: toComp and fromComp (1 minute tutorial)

The toComp and fromComp functions of After Effects expressions can be confusing - but they don’t have to be! Watch this 1 minute tutorial to understand how they really work and how to use them.

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Expressions as a Pocket Calculator (Expressions Tutorial 3)

This class gives you a systematic overview of the basics of the expressions language in After Effects. You learn how to do basic math and how to use variables to access almost everything in your project.

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After Effects Expressions Nerd Tip 1: Building your own Expressions Library (1 minute tutorial)

In the new After Effects CC 15.1 you can now import json and jsx files to use directly in expressions. So instead of copying and pasting your expressions code again and again, you can keep your functions in one, central location now and access them easily from any expression.

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The Wiggle Expression and some Explosions (Expressions Tutorial 2)

This class is about the most famous and popular expression: the wiggle. As the name suggests, you can use it to wiggle things, but also to animate an explosion in no time!
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First Steps with Expressions (Expressions Tutorial 1)

This is the first part of a tutorial series that will take your knowledge about After Effects expressions to the next level. We start with the very basics and then get step by step to more advanced topics.

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Making Keyframes Loop Seamlessly in After Effects

Background Story

Victoria Nece, the product manager for Adobe After Effects, is the one person who knows best which new tools are request the most. And from time to time she shares such insights with us and other developers to guide and inspire

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