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Camera Expressions - Auto Focus and more


  1. Camera Focus Overview
  2. Autofocus on Point of Interest (POI) Expression
  3. Autofocus on Layers Expression
  4. Autofocus on Layers: manual easing control
  5. Auto Scale Expression (Give your scene some depth)
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Expressions without writing code

iExpressions combine the power of After Effects expressions with the convenience of effects or plugins. They allow you to use expressions without writing any code.

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Expression Timeline

Keyframe several different expressions on one property

The Expression Timeline allows you to apply several expressions to a property such that each expression is active only for a certain period of time. Instead of an abrupt change between the expressions you can also smoothly transition from one expression to the next.

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Animation to Music in After Effects - Part 3

In this third part we show how to automatically move 3D layers according to the music. You also learn an advanced time remapping technique.
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Animation to Music in After Effects - Part 2

In this second part you learn a very easy and quick way to create a volume meter by applying the Linear Link 1D iExpression to the opacity of some solids.
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Animation to Music in After Effects - Part 1

This tutorial demonstrates how to automatically animate things to music using iExpressions, a tool allowing all After Effects users to more easily harness the power of expressions.
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Getting started with iExpressions Part 3 - Random Text

In this part you learn how to create different kinds of random text. We also use linking iExpressions again to avoid unnecessary keyframes.
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Getting started with iExpressions Part 2 - Linking and Beat Detection

In this second part we take a look at linking an beat detection. You learn how to link properties to other properties and to automatically animate properties according to the music.
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