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Motion Design Essentials 31: Focus Guides

How much do you think about where your viewers are actually looking? Here are some practical tips to guide the viewer's focus!

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Motion Design Essentials 29: Focus and Motion

Learn how to create better motion graphics by controlling the viewers focus! If you want to create good motion graphics, you need to control where the user is looking at what point in time - and your most powerful tool to achieve that is motion.

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Autofocus on Layers Expression

Automate the focus distance of your camera to keep a particular layer in focus - also transitions between layers are possible.

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Autofocus on POI Expression

If you apply this iExpression to the Focus Distance of a camera, the focus automatically keeps the Point of Interest in focus.

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Camera Expressions - Auto Focus and more


  1. Camera Focus Overview
  2. Autofocus on Point of Interest (POI) Expression
  3. Autofocus on Layers Expression
  4. Autofocus on Layers: manual easing control
  5. Auto Scale Expression (Give your scene some depth)
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