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inverse kinematics


Rigging A Carnivorous Plant in After Effects with IK

Rigging a Carnivorous Plant is probably not the thing you need to do all the time, but of course you can use the same approach to built any

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Automated Walk Cycle - After Effects Character Animation Part 3

In this part we create an automated walk cycle with iExpressions. You just need to keyframe the position of the character and the iExpressions-based rig animates the legs and the body automatically such that the character is walking.
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Skinning with the Puppet Tool - After Effects Character Animation Part 2

In this part, we connect the skeleton to our character using the puppet tool. You learn the basics, but also some advanced tips for this workflow. For example, you learn how to achieve that puppet pins on the skirt of the character are influenced by the bones of both legs simultaneously.
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Creating the Skeleton - After Effects Character Animation Part 1

In this part we create a skeleton for our character with the inverse kinematics iExpressions. The skeleton is the basis for all subsequent animation.
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IK Arm (with 2 or 3 Segments) Expression

This iExpression allows to animate an entire arm by just specifying the point where the hand should be - the expression calculates the rotation of all arm segments accordingly (using Inverse Kinematics, IK). You tell where the arm should move - the expression knows how.

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Link Puppet Pin To Layer Expression

This expression links a pin from the puppet tool to a layer.

The pin automatically follows all the animation of the layer. The layer may also have parents.

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Puppet Animation with IK Expressions

In this After Effects tutorial you learn how to use the Inverse Kinematics (IK) iExpressions to bring your character animation to the next level.
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