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Getting started with Beat Assistant

If you want to do animations in After Effects that perfectly fit with your music, then this tutorial is for you. It covers all basic functions of our tool beat assistant. You learn how to automatically detect the bpm (beat per minute) of your music and generate markers according to the beat.

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Skating Logo in After Effects with Physics Simulations - Day 1

In this three part tutorial series you will learn animation techniques that go beyond the usual keyframing. In the first part we create all the basic ingredients using the pen tool.
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Getting started with iExpressions Part 1 - Wiggles

In this series you learn how to use iExpressions in After Effects. In this first part we cover all the basics based on the example of wiggle iExpressions.
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Guru Lesson 2 - Effects and Keyframes

In this guru lesson you learn how to apply effects to layers. We create an amazing lightning effect and you learn how to animate properties with keyframes.
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Modifying hundrets of Keyframes simultaneously with KeyTweak

In this After Effects tutorial you learn why KeyTweak is a must-have when working with hundreds of keyframes. We take a look at with KeyTweak's local mode.
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Limit Expressions to a Range of Keyframes with Expression Timeline

You want to limit an expression to some range of keyframes? Learn how to do this and even transition from one expression to another one using the Expression Timeline.
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Fixing Rotoscopings and Drifting Tracks with KeyTweak

Learn how to modify hundreds of mask keyframes with one click. We also cover how to fix drifting track points with KeyTweak.
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